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Instant Loans and their requirements

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If you do not have a valid income document as a guarantee, applying for the loan may turn out to be a little more complicated than expected. Many financial companies, however, to meet weak categories such as the unemployed, the redundant, the laid-offs, housewives and students have agreed to work more flexibly, offering some options to get around the obstacle and be able to grant small loans or loans for unemployed young people with no income.

The requirements: what they are

Age: normally, a personal loan can be requested by anyone who is at least 18 years old and 75 years old at the latest at the time the loan expires.

Type of employment: to obtain a positive response from the bank for short term loans, the applicant must demonstrate that he / she receives a stable and easily ascertainable income. Depending on the job position, the applicant must submit different documentation for a loan to the bank . The employees , for example, must have your paycheck or salary certificate ; The freelancers or craftsmen must provide the institute a certificate of enrollment on the professional or the chamber of commerce; The pensioners must submit the pension slip; the atypical workers(on a project or fixed-term basis)

Credit reliability: during the investigation phase, the financial company evaluates all the information collected and expresses a credit score with which it gives an opinion on the customer’s creditworthiness. To obtain this score, the institute relies on objective and subjective elements. The former are obtained through three sources: the customer’s personal data, provided at the time of the request; the public databases , or Central risks. Click Here for more info.