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Epoxy Floors For The Garage & Basement

The epoxy floor is considered to be highly effective & economical for the garage & basement floors and play a very important role in basement remodeling.This type of floor is famous for tolerating the heavy traffic, including the car & truck tires. On the other hand, it is highly economical and can be easily applied on the weekends.

However, there are some basic instructions that one has to follow, as per the recommendation of experts:

  • First of all, apply the regular cleansing over the area that you wish to epoxy. It is just to make sure that the floor is clean & clear and don to have any dust, dirt or debris. It is recommended to pay specific attention towards oil & grease mark. To remove this, you may use the regular floor cleansing soap to ensure the perfect cleaning.
  • Next, mix the epoxy as per the instruction given on the pack. Apply a single coat of the epoxy & let it dry for about an hour. Make sure that there is no traffic until you finish the complete job. Following this, there should be next epoxy coat which will make the color strong & give a solid texture to the floor. Another very important thing to notice is that the second coat must have the slip resistant additive in it.
  • At last, apply the granule layer with apt tools to finish the jobs. Additionally, you may apply 2 layers of protective coat to give a perfect finishing touch. The garage or basement remodeling is incomplete if you do not have a fine floor for it.

Types of Epoxy Flooring:

There are about 30 different types of epoxy floors based on their final surface finish and the imparts that they give. The popular ones out of those are as follows: –

  • Self-leveling epoxy floors, that are applied over the old and cracked floors to convert them to smooth seamless and durable surfaces. Used majorly for aesthetic purposes.
  • Epoxy mortar floors, which is the strongest type of flooring available currently and applied over the brand new floors. It has 100% epoxy composition along with traces of quartz sand and is ultra-tough in nature.
  • Quartz-filled epoxy floors, that combine the strength of an epoxy with the aesthetics of the quartz grains and find application in the multi-functional floors.