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E-commerce: opportunity or need

If until a few years ago buying on the web was difficult due to long waiting times, high shipping costs, the difficulty of returning the purchased goods and being guided by a sales employee, today the landscape has changed a lot toronto ecommerce agency.

A purchase can be made in a few clicks in a matter of seconds and deliveries have become faster, safer and more automated. The numerous payment systems allow us to choose what is most secure and convenient for us.

Somehow, shopping online has become “comfortable” and once users try it and have a positive experience they tend to repeat it over and over again.

Shopping trends on the web were already growing before the Covid19 health emergency. The lockdown simply accelerated what was already happening. Thanks to greater trust in payment methods and a simplification of purchasing processes, more and more people are choosing online for shopping. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, it is normal to be attracted to the idea of ​​wanting to create an e-commerce site for your business.

If the idea for now is only being evaluated, in this article we explain why starting an e-commerce is not only an excellent idea, but will increasingly become a mandatory choice.

What are the advantages of an eCommerce?

This type of shop allows you to:

carry out the direct sale of products that may have  reduced prices , discounts or promotions of various types can be made;

reduce the costs associated with distribution: it does not require the presence and collaboration with intermediaries; get higher revenues. In this way, the company has the possibility of having a greater reduction in costs, flexible and variable , compared to a physical store.

An e-commerce allows you to sell your products online in various countries of the world, without any limitation, consequently it offers the possibility of entering a part of a global market ; allows the collection of a large amount of data concerning customers, through the analysis and study of the user experience and the various visitors within the virtual store.