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The custody of a child is the greatest responsibility that a parent has. It is, in some ways, the most important decision that any parent will make in his or her lifetime. The custody laws protect the parent’s rights, however, and provide that custody decisions, including choices of schools, will be made for the best interest of the children involved.

Most children between the ages of six months and fourteen years are presumed to be in the custody of the parent they live with. That is, when a child reaches the age of six months, then he or she can be considered a ward of the state and the parents no longer have the right to determine where that child lives.

Before the age of six months, however, a parent may make an agreement to share custody with another parent. In that case, the parents may agree on a schedule that will be followed. For example, one parent may have the child every other weekend, or one parent may have the child every week, or one parent may have the child one night a week and the other parent every other week. These agreements, called legal parenting time arrangements, are more flexible than the normal court-ordered custody arrangement.

If a court determines that the parents can’t work out their differences and they are not able to agree on custody arrangements for the child, then the court can make a custody determination.

child support lawyer

You should read these sections of the custody laws before you file for divorce because they determine the child custody law firm  of the children in the event that you and your spouse can’t work out your differences. The custody laws also provide the procedures that the court must follow to make custody determinations.

Custody Laws: A Parent’s Rights

The most important part of custody law is the parent’s rights. The general rule is that the parent who spends more time with the children has a presumption of being the better parent. The court will generally follow the parent who spends more time with the children.

The best interests of the children, however, can override this presumption. So, a court must consider the best interests of the children when making custody decisions.

The general rule is that the parent who spends the most time with the children is considered the primary custodial parent. The court, however, can make an exception if there are compelling reasons why the other parent should have custody.

There are various varieties of lawyers, just as there are various types of doctors. Each lawyer has a specialty and only handles certain types of matters. Some focus on corporate transactions, others on personal injury lawsuits, and still others on criminal law issues. If you have been charged with a crime such as homicide, assault, or murder, you need to find an experienced criminal defence attorney in brampton who is well-versed in criminal law. They understand the system that governs arrests, bail, pleas, and other associated matters.

There are elements to consider when looking for an attorney, just as there are in any other career. You should seek for distinct indicators that they are the right person for the position. Here are eight things to consider while looking for a criminal defence attorney:


Take a look at previous experiences while performing your study, because an experienced lawyer will have a clear idea about your case. The lawyer you hire must be knowledgeable on the subject matter of your case and they should have a wealth of experience.

Great criminal defence attorney in brampton did not become what they are without any prior experience. They are aware of the methods and techniques required to win the case.


You need to be able to put your trust in the person who will be protecting you. If they have a solid reputation, it will be an advantage.


Again, criminal charges are serious. As a result, your lawyers should practice proper workplace etiquette. During meetings, they should be on time and presentable as well. When dealing with you, they should take the initiative to properly explain the procedure and status of the case.

Professionalism also pertains to attorneys’ interactions with other professionals in the industry. If they have solid contacts with the court and other officials, it is a great plus. However, keep this in mind.

Hiring a most experienced criminal defence lawyer is the first step to solve your legal problem when you have been charged with the criminal offence. Many law firms provide different types of legal services with an aim to provide the best legal guidance and services to clients. You can find and visit the official website of the successful mississauga criminal defence lawyer soon after you have decided to reap benefits from the legal service.

Hire a criminal defence lawyer

Smart and experienced criminal defence lawyers look forward to apply their proficiency and years of experiences to their clients’ cases. They provide the legal advice as their clients require for reclaiming the life. They assist their clients to understand the whole process involved in the criminal case.

As a beginner to the criminal offence, you may find much difficulty to understand the law and legal procedure. You can hire a successful criminal defence lawyer and get the suitable legal assistance and easy-to-understand details about the procedure involved in your case.

Criminal defence lawyers at Passi & Patel have successfully defended many residents charged with various criminal offenses range from more serious offences like firearms, homicide, and weapons to less serious offences like impaired driving and shoplifting. They use their proficiency in the criminal defence law and years of experiences in their profession to assist every client to get the best result possible.

Consider important things

There are some important things to consider and keep in mind when you choose and hire a criminal defence lawyer. For example, you must focus on the overall skills, knowledge, and expertise of criminal defence lawyers to help defend every client, protect clients’ rights, and provide sound legal advices.  You will make a good decision to use the legal service when you contact this leading law firm and explore its services in detail.

Services from a certified mississauga criminal defence lawyer are rich in professionalism and available at reasonable prices. You can concentrate on the basics and complex things involved in the criminal offence and related things. You must understand the overall significance of hiring a qualified criminal defence lawyer and get the suitable legal service. You will get 100% satisfaction from the hassle-free method to use the legal service from a qualified criminal defence lawyer.

The criminal defense firm is devoted to protect the persons stimulating with regulatory and criminal offences. Here, the criminal attorney is in the dealing of accomplishing the best possible protection for their clients. These lawyers can usually apply their experience and skills in a criminal justice system to the entire cases and also endeavors to have charges inhibited. Now, you can easily get the free consultation from defence attorney brampton for your defense cases. This lawyer also provides services in order to prevent the severe penalties. The only thing you want to do is to choose the best defense attorney to represent you as well as your case. These attorneys are capable of handling all types of cases more efficiently.

Represent your unique case with the defense attorney

When you choose the defense attorney, the foremost thing you must look for is whether they have represented a case, which is similar to the one you are dealing with. In fact, many of the defense lawyers are having qualifications and able to play their roles efficiently in this case. One essential factor to consider is whether the lawyer is a former state prosecutor or not. Most of the skilled lawyers have sufficient skills, which could be a great benefit. These attorneys will also allow you to know, if they are a former state prosecutor on their site, since this boosts their trustworthiness.

Advantages of hiring a defense attorney in Brampton

When you identify yourself being charged with severe crimes and you cannot hesitate to take immediate actions, then you definitely want a defense lawyer. This attorney has a capability to avoid bad case situations. The advantages of hiring a defense attorney Brampton are assisting you to safeguard yourself and also will support you to deal with this situation. One essential thing to remember related to this lawyer is to tell the truth to your attorney. Then only, the lawyer should be arranged for potential allegations and evidence in which the action is going to attempt to prove. In order to protect you accurately, your lawyer should be familiar with the details.

Unfortunately, some couples face many problems in their marital life and decide to separate ways. They are ready to part ways because of varied reasons. Thus, they file for divorce to be legally separated. Many couples aren’t aware of the legal procedure concerning divorce and make mistakes. They can gain the required divorce by need by contacting an attorney well-knowledgeable in family law. In Markham, you can anytime contact well-expertise lawyers. The divorce law firm markham is the best supporter to ease the process of divorce.

Reasons For Hiring the Services of Divorce Lawyers:

  • Child custody–Any divorce proceedings turn to be a major problem when the couple parting ways has a child or children. Attorneys are the right people to guide you according to current child custody laws. They will navigate the whole discussion of custody rights in the favor of their client. You can gain visiting rights with the help of a lawyer.
  • Property distribution- It is quite a complicated matter to divide assets without the help of a legal advisor. Your lawyer will try to put forward your claim for obtaining the rights of the property, which is legally yours. The expert guidance of an attorney distributes equally the distribution of even investments and saving balance in banks.
  • To draft the divorce agreement- A legally authorized person who knows the things can only do it needed to be included in making the documents. It needs to be filed correctly and on time. Otherwise, there are chances of experiencing problems in getting a divorce. It may sometimes take a couple of years to gain legal separation papers from the court. Your experienced lawyer can activate the fastest process of divorce legally. That helps to progress forward in life leaving back the torments of marriage.

When there isn’t a mutual agreement between the couple regarding divorce, then the interference of a well-experienced lawyer proves quite beneficial for both individuals. They are well-versed in settling the disputes between the spouses and provide options that are sure to satisfy the couple. Usually, the complete process of divorce takes time, resulting in you feeling frustrated and mistakes may elongate the time more. Hence, it is best to contact a divorce law firm markham if you are staying in the region or nearby.

Even if your spouse and you agree on everything while applying for divorce, then also you need help from a family or divorce lawyer. It is because to complete paperwork expertise help is required and that a divorce lawyer can only provide.

No task worth doing should ever be done alone, and a big part of the reason what that is the case has to do with the fact that the vast majority of things that you might need to take part in will require a lot of different kinds of expertise at any given point in time. If you are just one person, you would be vastly limited with regards to the knowledge you would bring to the table as it is quite difficult for a single individual to specialize in more than one or two things in some way, shape or form.

When you look at lawyers from Atlanta helping car accident victims, a good example that they represent is that they often need to work with law enforcement due to the reason that this can enable them to gain access to information that they would not have otherwise had at their disposal. Law enforcement officials generally look into these matters quite carefully, and when it comes to figuring out the kind of help they can give you acquiring information about the particulars of the accident certainly does come to mind.

It can make the job of a car accident lawyer significantly easier if they were to coordinate with police on various matters, and to their credit police officers are usually more than willing to help out in whatever way they can. Not only are they eager to look into helping you get justice but there is also the fact that other things will come into play as well such as them being able to testify in court which is something that they are often quite eager to do.